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Fawn and Brindle Great Danes

"Home of National Specialty Best of Winners, CH Meadowood Terragold Diamondust and National Specialty Winner CH Meadowood Terragold Diamond Marquis"


Originally from Key West, Florida, we moved to Longwood, Florida in 1982. We have a son and two grandbabies, Joey & Noah. We fell in love with Danes while living in Key West. I went to a dry cleaning store and was greeted by a beautiful black Great Dane who jumped on the counter just to say "Hi". In 1979 I purchased my first Dane from them and as they say "the rest is history".

We have been blessed with great breeders entrusting us with some beautiful Great Danes and we are very thankful.

I would like to thank Sandy Delaney, Celtic Great Danes, from the bottom of my heart for creating this beautiful site and also for her friendship and constant support! I would also like to thank Mary Ann Land for her tremendous and beautiful work she has done on this site.


The American Kennel Club

Great Dane Club of America